Orchestral List

NZSSSO 2018 Provisional Seating List
Please note, final seating will be confirmed at the course
Instrument Full Name School
1st Violin Hijiri Yamamoto Christchurch
1st Violin Victoria Chanwai Hamilton
1st Violin Yuna Chon Christchurch
1st Violin Enshean Lin Palmerston North
1st Violin Justin Hodges Christchurch
1st Violin Sarah Lawrence Christchurch
1st Violin Clement Chan Auckland
1st Violin Angeline Xiao Auckland
1st Violin Ericia Chang Auckland
1st Violin Amy Srichantra Palmerston North
1st Violin Sujean In Christchurch
1st Violin Miru Shimaoka Hastings
1st Violin Callum Hampton Greymouth
1st Violin Emily Davey Christchurch
1st Violin Julia Hughes Christchurch
1st Violin Lucy Costelloe Christchurch
2nd Violin Rachel McSweeney Christchurch
2nd Violin Rose Stevenson Dunedin
2nd Violin Flora Secker Nelson
2nd Violin Natalie Amersfoort Christchurch
2nd Violin Tony Zhou Christchurch
2nd Violin Henry Burton-wood Lower Hutt
2nd Violin Joshua Pan Auckland
2nd Violin Justin Guo Wellington
2nd Violin Rosa Hook Rotorua
2nd Violin Leon Thomas Christchurch
2nd Violin Julia Bennet Timaru
2nd Violin Cynthia Guo Christchurch
2nd Violin Nesta Lade Havelock North
2nd Violin Jess Jenkins Porirua
2nd Violin Grace Lawrence Christchurch
2nd Violin Matilda Griffiths Hamilton
2nd Violin Leila Dunlop Christchurch
Viola Elias Falk Hastings
Viola Victoria Lee Christchurch
Viola Amanda Stone Wellington
Viola Rebecca Harris Christchurch
Viola Bianca Amataiti North Canterbury
Viola Daniel Sneyd-Utting Wellington
Viola Robert Cresswell Christchurch
Viola Eleanor (Mimi) Cresswell Christchurch
Cello Eugene In Christchurch
Cello Gabby Wu Wellington
Cello Benjamin Sneyd Wellington
Cello Amy McMurdo Rangiora
Cello Jamie Cornes Hastings
Cello Boudewijn Keenan Dunedin
Cello Benjamin Davey Christchurch
Cello Amy Chung Christchurch
Cello Ayoung Cho Palmerston North
Cello Matthew Kim Hamilton
Cello Caleb Weir Christchurch
Cello Olivia Shakespeare Christchurch
Cello CJ Pearce Palmerston North
Cello Jay Kang Christchurh
Cello Meg Shatford Christchurch
Double Bass William Taber Featherston
Double Bass Liam Johnson Christchurch
Double Bass Tom Fastier Christchurch
Double Bass Flora Dean Lyttelton
Flute Saya Nitta Christchurch
Flute Emica Taylor Christchurch
Flute Marian Sun Palmerston North
Flute Isabella Stevens Auckland
Flute Pippa Lange Christchurch
Oboe Adelina Orwin Christchurch
Oboe Connor Bedwell Dunedin
Oboe Luka Reardon Christchurch
Oboe Amy Clough Christchurch
Clarinet Samantha Chiang Christchurch
Clarinet Emily Liston Auckland
Clarinet Benedict van Leuven Lower Hutt
Clarinet Sabine Grey Christchurch
Clarinet Lily Doak Kaiapoi
Bassoon Ricky Shi Auckland
Bassoon Sarah Bealing Christchurch
Trumpet Toby Buckner Christchurch
Trumpet Stephen Mosa'ati Christchurch
Trumpet Nina Noble Christchurch
Trumpet Jean-Luc Pitcaithly Christchurch
Trumpet Callum McKie Christchurch
Trumpet Lewis Grey Christchurch
French Horn Kate King West Melton
French Horn James Burchell Waitati
French Horn Lauren Lancaster Wellington
French Horn Evan Metcalfe Auckland
French Horn William Lucas Christchurch
Trombone Mark LI Auckland
Trombone Serge Beaton Christchurch
Trombone Felix Backhouse Christchurch
Trombone Nicholas Scott Auckland
Trombone Annika Dillon Christchurch
Tuba Aiyana Manson-King Christchurch
Percussion Michael Cai Christchurch
Percussion Lewis Cooper Christchurch
Percussion Briana Steven Christchurch
Timpani Sam Gibbs Christchurch